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New Crop Input Technology Cuts Irrigation Cycles By Half

20 September 2023

A new “transformational” crop input technology has been developed that allows growers to cut irrigation cycles by half and still see exceptional results without any loss of crop development, yield and quality.

Why Should We Rely on the Seed Growing Sector?

12 May 2023

Agriculture and food are amongst the most strategic sectors of the world. We all have better realized this fact due to climate change, global warming, drought, effects of the pandemic, and the Russo-Ukrainian war. Our national economy is based on agriculture whereas the most significant element of agricultural production is the seed.  Hence, seed and seed growing sector should be considered with the same perspective.   

“Determinants Of The Technical Efficiency Of Olive Farms”

20 December 2022

Olive growing is one of the most important bases in the Tunisian economy (+80 million olive trees on about 2 million hectares) facing socio-economic, natural and commercial challenges in relation to marketing and international positioning. Olive oil as a product is becoming more and more privileged and tends to be classified among luxury products.

"Plant the Future" program in Georgia positively affects the nursery sector

17 August 2022

Agriculture is one of the prominent sectors for the country, where it counts millenniums of successful practice. Georgia’s soil and climate created the foundation for many crop varieties, as an example of 5 endemic wheat, which is coming from Georgia. Perennial fruit crops are another important field for the country, attention to which has increased from 2015, this is when state program “Plant the Future” took its start, subsidizing up to 70% of saplings and irrigation system costs for the establishment of farms. 

Agriculture Industry Rises in Importance Every Year

11 May 2022

The global pandemic has revealed once again the most basic needs of people. The main element of living, the agriculture industry rises in importance increasingly. Agriculture strikes as one of the leading sectors in the Turkish economy. Our country has substantial potential in agriculture. Turkey ranks 1st in Europe and 7th  in the world in agricultural production. 

Investment in Agriculture are the Best Weapons Against Hunger and Poverty

07 March 2022

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because  it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness" Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan economy and is the main source of food all over the world. It contribute 19% in GDP and is the major source of employment. Agriculture has evolved in to agribusiness and has become a vast and complex system that reaches beyond the farm to include all those who are involved in bringing food and fiber to consumers.