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The 23rd edition of GROWTECH ANTALYA, the world's premier exhibition for the greenhouse industry, will convene global leaders in agriculture in Antalya from November 20th to 23rd, 2024.

An essential event for professionals in the agriculture industry.

GROWTECH ANTALYA, as the world's largest exhibition dedicated to greenhouse technologies, not only gathers global attendees and prominent companies specializing in categories such as Greenhouse Technologies and Equipment, Irrigation Systems and Technologies, Seed Development and Growing, Seedling Cultivation, Plant Nutrition and Protection but also introduces a fresh perspective to the fair industry through events like the International Conferences, Growtech Agriculture Talks, and ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards.

New Destinations with its New Look and New Vision!

GROWTECH ANTALYA, serving as the global hub for the agricultural sector, stands as a pivotal platform for international trade in agriculture. Under its comprehensive brand, GROWTECH promises a fresh perspective, innovative vision, and diverse trading prospects across various nations. Alongside GROWTECH ANTALYA, it will connect participants to the Asian market through GROWTECH JAKARTA in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 4-6, 2024

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You can follow all the developments in the industry by participating in the events that will take place during the fair. You can be informed about all national and international innovations related to the industry.  Get all the information you need to grow your business in one place.





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How Sustainable is GROWTECH ANTALYA?

GROWTECH ANTALYA contributes to sustainable development by supporting innovative activities that increase the added value of agricultural production. Moving forward with the principle of social responsibility, GROWTECH ANTALYA runs as an environmentally responsible event.

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