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Global News

14 July 2021 | “We want to bring new dynamics and sustainability to the Greek farming industry"

"The world is fast-moving and climate change is a danger. The amount of farmland is restricted and food insecurity is growing," says Stavros Tabaoglou, managing director with Bellamia Farms sa. The company is transforming large-scale agriculture in Greece by investing in state-of-the-art greenhouses. Construction of their first semi-closed greenhouse project started recently.  In the first phase, three types of tomatoes are to be grown. The second stage of its operation will include more fresh vegetables and the production of fresh-cut, ready-made salads. 

News from Turkey

14 July 2021 | Turkey and Sudan Sign Agriculture Cooperation Protocol

Turkish Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mehmet Hadi Tunç and his Sudanese counterpart, Abdurrahman Hater, signed a protocol for agricultural cooperation. The protocol contains articles on a pilot farm, seed production, agricultural research, agricultural diseases, boosting production and training.

Guest Authors

17 June 2021 | Farmers Struggle with Input Costs | Galip Umut Özdil - Writer on Agriculture, Television Producer

"Production volumes in agriculture can only be increased if farmers have easy, cost-effective and sustainable access to input materials and use them in the most efficient way. And, even the minor disruptions in the supply of agricultural products may lead to significant challenges in global trade and international politics, the costs of which will have to be borne by the whole society."

Agri Post Blog

14 July 2021 | New Methods In Seed Improvement

Seed improvement is an umbrella term for the processes performed to produce the most suitable seeds so as to obtain a high yield from agricultural products. Seed improvement provides benefits such as getting products ideal for climate and soil conditions, producing plants with high adaptability to the environment, creating crops that are more resistant to diseases and pests, and thus increasing the amount of healthy and quality products. Seed improvement not only allows the producers to increase the diversity by producing new varieties but also provides the opportunity to obtain a product with a standard type, colour, or taste.

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