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As Growtech, our aim is to serve our industry throughout the year as in the fair process. In Agri Post; you will be able to reach the most up-to-date news and rich content as a sectoral resource, from the latest development of the industry in the world, to the current news in Turkey. Also, you will be able to reach industry best practices and a variety of graphics, as well as guest author articles.

Global News

16 April 2021 | Playing With Far-Red Light Improves Yield: Eventually All Lighting Will Be Dynamic

Playing With Far-Red Light Improves Yield: Eventually All Lighting Will Be Dynamic16 April 2021"How much far-red light plants need, changes during the season and even during the day," says Koen of MechaTronix. Lighting with an adjustable partial spectrum allows for this kind of control: the standard spectrum remains the same and the intensity of red and far-red light can be adjusted. "You only have dynamically what you want to have dynamically.” We expect that all lighting will be dynamic eventually.

News from Turkey

16 April 2021 | Anatolia’s Biofuel Crops To Be Promoted Among Manufacturers From 15 Countries

Ali Çandır, Chairman of Antalya Commodity Exchange: “Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. During this training program, we will be sharing information about producing energy from plants.”  Antalya Commodity Exchange, in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has launched trainings on “biofuel crops” for participants from 15 countries, including France, Australia, UK and US.

Guest Authors

16 April 2021 | The Importance of Pressured Irrigation Systems | Nuri Göktepe - Secretary General of Pressured Irrigation Industrialists’ Association (BASUSAD)

"Irrigation is more than just a simple practice in a crop field. It is a far more comprehensive system with technical, economic, sociological and legal aspects, and also involves the stages of water storage, transportation of water to plots, and in-field management, all of which require robust coordination."

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