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We wish you a pleasant reading ...

18 February 2021 | Biodegradable Plastics Help Reduce Agricultural Plastic Waste

When one thinks of the agricultural industry, plastic waste is not the first thing that comes to mind. But the reality is that plastics play key roles in the farming and greenhouse business, leaving behind much waste every year. As an example, just in the United States, the agricultural plastics generation is estimated to be 816 million pounds. And most of that is not recycled, ending up in the ground or landfills, often impacting wildlife and the environment negatively.

18 February 2021 | The Rate of Modern Irrigation Systems in Agriculture Rise to 94 Percent

With the effect of climate change and population increase, the importance of storage structures is increasing and alternative storage structures are gaining value. Underground dams take the first place among these alternatives. With the transition to modern closed system pressurized piped irrigation, transmission losses are minimized, providing 35 percent water savings in sprinkler irrigation and 65 percent in drip irrigation.

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