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Global News

23 September 2021 | Real-Time Detection of Crop Stressors Helps Develop New Crop Protection

“Helping grow more food through real-time detection of crop responses to environmental changes and a wide range of threats is the foundation of our technology,” said Carrol Plummer, of Vivent. “Our sensors record these signals and with our unique analytical approach which uses machine learning, the signals can be interpreted.”

News from Turkey

23 September 2021 | Kayseri Sugar Mill Launches Prototype for “Agricultural Robot”

Kayseri Sugar Mill has launched the prototype for its “agricultural robot” which was designed by an engineering company with funding from TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB 1501 project.  The prototype was revealed for the first time during the 4th Field Days organized by Kayseri Sugar Mill, according to a statement issued by the facility management.

Guest Authors

23 September 2021 | Business Joins Pleasure with Agne Tours  | Yasemin Kaya - Agne Tours CEO / Director of Financial

"Today, the rapid increase in population, urbanisation, and industrialisation and global climate changes dictate more work, more production, and broader diversity in agriculture. One of the best and quickest ways to reach the cultivators, suppliers, and labour force required to maintain the values we have had from past to present is the Growtech International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair."

Best Practices

23 September 2021 | The Woman Who Turned The Barn of Her House Into a Workshop and Produced Hackberry Oil Achieved her Dreams of Entrepreneurship

With the dream of running a business in which she can earn more, Topçu applied to the “Program for Supporting Women Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas” funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Topçu, who came first among 133 female entrepreneurs with her project named “Keeping the Hackberry Alive from Past to Present”, was entitled to receive a grant of 20 thousand Turkish liras in 2014.

Agri Post Blog

23 September 2021 | Vertical Farming Methods To Transform Agriculture

Shining out as an agricultural production method that can be less affected by factors such as geographical features, climate conditions, and soil structure, vertical farming can be defined as a type of agricultural production performed on layers that are placed vertically. These layers can be built in any area that allows them to be organised in vertical direction – for instance, they can be arrayed on the exterior of a building or placed on pipes inside a warehouse. Vertical farming, which aims to attain maximum efficiency per unit area, considerably decreases the need for arable land.

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