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Organized by UBM NTSR, growing consistently every year and becoming the leader in the agricultural industry.

The new section LIVESTOCK will be launched this year for the first time, besides Greenhouse & Irrigation Technologies,  Plant Nutrition & Protection, Tractors & Agricultural Machinery and Seed sections as essentials.

The Global Engagement of Agriculture and Technology!

With more than 96 years of experience in the event business, UBM the leading B2B event organizer in the world gathers agriculture industry in Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Fair.



Professional Visitors From 100+ countries



Leader Companies From 30+ countires



sqm Exhibition Area


Agriculture and Greenhouse Sectors in Turkey

Has 237.000 decares of plant production area
116 million ton agricultural production
Seed exports has reached $153 million to 76 countries as of 2016
2,9 million tons Fertilizer import
0,5 million tons Fertilizer expert

960.000 decares greenhouse area in total
Antalya has 268.340 decares greenhouse area


Agriculture in Turkey

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