International Industry Leaders Gather in Growtech Eurasia

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The New Motto of Growtech

With more than 50 years of experience in the event business, UBM the leading B2B event organizer in the world, gathers agriculture industry in Growtech Eurasia. 85.000 industry professionals from 85 different countries will meet with more than 800 exhibitors from 30 countries in 50.000 sqm exhibition area.


Agriculture Sector in Turkey

World’s 7th and Europe’s 1st country in agricultural production

Exports 1730 agricultural product to 186 countries

Has 237.000 decares of plant production area

116 million ton agricultural production

As of 2015, Turkey exports seeds to 71 different country

41% increase in seed production in 2015 compared to 2011

2,9 million tons Fertilizer import

0,5 million tons Fertilizer expert

Growtech Tarım
Greenhouse in Turkey

Greenhouse in Turkey

714.000 decares greenhouse area in total.

Antalya has 248.000 decares greenhouse area.

4th in World. The biggest country in the greenhouse industry.

1th in Europe. In greenhouse industry