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Trade Bridge in Agriculture between Germany and Türkiye 

24 November 2022

Attending Growtech, the world’s biggest greenhouse agriculture fair, this year for the first time with national pavilions, Germany took action for business cooperations with Türkiye in different domains of the agriculture industry.

During the opening of the exhibition at Antalya ANFAŞ Expo Center, Harald Braungardt, CEO, Step Systems GmbH, and a representative of the German Ministry of Agriculture highlighted the importance of Growtech’s capability to connect with other countries and stated, “We consider Türkiye as the backbone to connect us with other countries”.

CEO Harald Braungardt underlined the long history of significant business links between Türkiye and Germany while attending the exhibition as a representative of the German Ministry of Agriculture to assess and report on Growtech.


Growtech's Potential Is Worldwide

Expressing that Growtech has tremendous potential not only for Türkiye but for the rest of the world, and this potential is increasingly growing, Braungardt added, “Growtech is an international exhibition. There are participants from Jordan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan among other nations. Due to the recent events in Russia, we lost communication with them, and we are now meeting in Türkiye. The region is vast, and the best platform to build a relationship is Türkiye”.


Türkiye Is A New Trade Bridge

Braungardt noted the severe natural gas shortage in Germany brought on by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine saying, “We cannot get any gas from Russia. 80 percent was what we used to get, but now it is zero. It became expensive, and costs increased. Especially in greenhouses. In Germany, all industries have been impacted, not only the agricultural sector. Such exhibitions provide a way for us to reconnect. We consider Türkiye as the backbone to connect us with other countries. Türkiye is a new trade bridge for us”.

Announcing its return to Growtech the following year, Braungardt said, “We will appear again at Growtech, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture. We will have a larger space next year. We want to keep developing new business relations”.


ENGİN ER: “German Companies Aim At Partnering With Turks In Major Agricultural Projects”

Engin Er, Growtech Exhibition Director, highlighted the strengthening of the exhibition with Germany’s participation, and added, “Germany is willing to penetrate the markets it cannot access through distributors or dealers it connects in Türkiye. Potential new markets include North Africa or Turkic Republics. Türkiye has now advanced in vegetable production. German companies believe they can collaborate with Turks on larger projects. Turkish companies have grown ambitious in greenhouse and irrigation systems. In this context, Türkiye is acting as a bridge in agricultural projects with Germany. Growtech will hasten the growth of international trade in agriculture between two countries”.