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International Exhibitors Pay More Attention; Sales at Growtech Were Completed 6 Months Beforehand  

Growtech, world’s largest green house agricultural sector fair preparing to open its gates for the 22nd times on November 22-25 at Antalya ANFAŞ Expo Center was completed 6 months before the opening of the fair with the intensive attention of domestic and international firms. 

Engin Er, Growtech Fair Director says that they are hosting thousands of domestic and international firms in green house agriculture sector and thus gain a major impetus provided information that the number of international participants and square meters of international participants reached the maximum level this year.  

Stating that they feel the excitement of bringing together the international agriculture professionals and major domestic and international brands of the sector at Growtech, Er said:  “Growtech is among the most important trading and marketing events of the international agriculture sector. The stable increase of the number of international participants has once again confirmed the fact that Growtech serves as the meeting point of global agriculture sector. We offer the professional visitors the opportunity to discover innovative approaches, technologies, products, and services in agriculture sector, grow their business, and earn more. We carry on our existing efforts to redemonstrate our country’s agricultural capacity as well as our global potential in agriculture, a one of the leading strategic sectors. Last year we provided an additional accommodation for 25 thousand people in Antalya. The fair is essentially contributing to Antalya’s economy.”  


Stating that the stand space increased by 100 per cent this year due to Germany’s attracting intensive attention last year as it displayed a national participation, Engin Er added: “We are really content with the Fair’s enrichment through national participation. Every year the numbers of our national and international participants is increasing. Last year we hosted participants from 27 different countries. Apart from this Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Africa, China, and South Korea came together with the international agriculture sector professionals at Growtech. Particularly China took a quantum leap once again to grow particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. With its visitors from over 120 countries participating in Growtech, China aims at penetrating into the world agriculture through Growtech. With around 100 firms, China will leave its mark on Growtech 2023.  International companies are growing interest in the fair. Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, and South Korea will continue to show up with national participation at Growtech 2023.”


Growtech Fair Director Engin Er said: “ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards will be held in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Plant Breeding Project Market organized by Antalya Teknokent within the scope of Growtech that hosts different annual events where the future of the sector is discussed. Growtech will be hosting at conferences and events not only the specialized domestic and international speakers but also the representatives of public and private sectors. Furthermore, it will once again host seminal Agriculture Conversations this year in cooperation with Agriculture Author Mine Ataman. Growtech will continue to search for responses and add new perspectives on agricultural technologies.”   


Stressing that sustainability becomes more important for the participants and visitors, and the sector as a whole, Engin Er said: “We provide professional visitors with the opportunity of discovering innovative approaches, technologies, products, and services, growing business, and earning more.  We intend to play a role in helping our markets develop their own sustainability by merging people with the demanded networks and information towards addressing major challenges in our sector and by rendering our sector more responsible.  Hence, as Growtech we support innovative efforts that add value to agricultural production and contribute to sustainable development. Growtech delivers support to innovative works that add value to agricultural production. AR-GE We will accordingly be holding and hosing the Agriculture Innovation Awards at ATSO Fair with a view to incentivizing innovative sector employees and firms that are engaged in R&D activities.”