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International Agriculture Sector Will Meet At Growtech

17 October 2022

Growtech, the world's biggest greenhouse exhibition in the agriculture industry; 600 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and more than 60 thousand visitors from more than 120 countries will meet at Antalya Anfaş Expo Center for the 21st time on 23-26 November.

Growtech, the world's biggest greenhouse exhibition in the agriculture industry; “Greenhouse and Technologies”, Irrigation Systems and Technologies”, “Seeding”, “Plant Nutrition” and “Plant Protection” product groups will host the exhibitors. Growtech exhibitors will bring together the latest products and technologies with international agricultural professionals. Visitors at the expo; will also have the opportunity to get to know smart agriculture technologies closely. “Meet, Grow, Win!” Growtech, organized with the motto of Growtech, will offer its exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to discover innovations in the sector, grow their businesses, and earn more this year. Making statements regarding the expo, Engin Er said, “The contribution of the Growtech expo to the global agriculture sector is enormous. The expo has become the meeting point of world agriculture with international exhibitors and visitors. Our companies can reach their target markets faster and more easily with Growtech. International buyers can find all the products and solutions they are looking for in Growtech and improve their trade.”

Expo Area Sales Were Completed Months Ago

Engin Er, Growtech Exhibition Director, made statements about the expo; “Our field sales were completed months ago. Thanks to all our exhibitors for their interest. We continue to work with our team for a very productive Growtech for our exhibitors. The number of our national and international exhibitors is increasing every year. This year, we will host our exhibitors from more than 20 countries, including Spain and England. In addition, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Africa, China and South Korea will meet with international agriculture sector professionals at Growtech with national participation.

We Will Continue to be the Export Platform of the Turkish Agricultural Sector

Engin Er underlined that the Turkish agricultural sector continues to increase its share in exports every year; He continued as follows: “The export potential of our country's agricultural sector is very high. We are working with this awareness and we continue to do our part as the most important trade and marketing platform by increasing country diversity with the number of foreign exhibitors and visitors at our exhibition so that our Turkish companies come together with their export customers.”

This Year, Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture Will be Discussed at the Expo.

Noting that the expo will host different events, Engin Er said, “During the expo, ATSO Growtech Agriculture Innovation Awards and Plant Breeding Project Market will be held in cooperation with the Antalya Chamber of Commerce. In addition, this year, in collaboration with Agricultural Writer Mine Ataman and Growtech, seminal conversations on “Agriculture Talks, Agricultural Technologies and the Future of Agriculture” will take place. We will continue to ask questions about agricultural technologies, seek answers to questions and bring new perspectives through Agriculture Talks.”

Growtech Offers its Exhibitors and Visitors the Opportunity to Develop Their Business Throughout the Year

Mentioning that they are working on new projects to take Growtech one step further for its exhibitors and visitors every year, Engin Er continued his words as follows: We offer our exhibitors and visitors platforms where they will have the opportunity to develop their business not only during Growtech but throughout the year.” said. Our exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Growtech Connect Platform, one of our new digital services, at Growtech 2022. In this way, our exhibitors will be able to have the information of the visitors visiting their stand, and our visitors will be able to save detailed information about our exhibitors on their own profiles via their mobile devices. Growtech Connect Platform will increase efficiency by providing real-time communication and interaction after the expo. At the same time, another innovation is our digital exhibitor list. With our Growtech digital exhibitor list, we publish detailed information of all our exhibitors on our website. In this way, our visitors can have more information about our exhibitors and send messages to them through our website before the expo starts. The fact that they prepare their appointment programs before they come to the expo area also helps them to spend the expo more efficiently.”