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Growtech is Promoting Business between Turkish and Spanish Companies

December 2022

Economic relations between Spain and Türkiye show a consistent upward trend with each passing year. Growtech, an annual event in Antalya that attracts the businesses shaping the global agriculture, plays a significant role in fostering business relations between Turkish and Spanish companies.

Juan Bernuy, who serves as the International Trade Consultant for Growtech Spain Pavilion, claimed that the exhibition offers major opportunities for the expansion of commercial connections between two countries in the agricultural sector.

Bernuy noted that they had been attending the Growtech Exhibition for over 15 years, and continued, “We, as Spanish Companies, have been boosting our trade volume each year through mutual purchases with Turkish companies. This year, we attended the exhibition with 15 companies. Antalya holds a significant potential in agriculture. The economic relations between Spain and Türkiye increasingly grow each year”.

Bernuy noted that Growtech Exhibition continued to expand both in terms of attendants and scope, and they planned to attend the exhibition in 2023 with more Spanish companies.



Growtech Exhibition Director Engin Er emphasized the value of Spain’s national presence and stated, “Spain has been a pavilion at Growtech from its very inception. This presence has evolved further with the yearly addition of new Spanish companies. Spain now has the most companies with national presence. Companies from Türkiye and Spain have also grown their relations throughout the years. There are still companies that do not grant distributorship from Spain. In order to grow this trade, they will be attending the exhibition in the next years. Spanish pavilion mainly consists of fertilizer companies and greenhouse construction firms. The number of fertilizer companies gradually increase. We would like to express our gratitude for their contribution and collaboration”.