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Growtech Expo Will Open Its Doors for the 21st Time

August 2022

Growtech, the world's most important and biggest greenhouse agriculturural exhibition, will bring together global agriculture professionals for trade and export at Antalya Anfaş Expo Center, Türkiye on November 23 - 26 this year.

Stating that they brought together 510 exhibitors from 25 countries and 53.640 international agricultural professionals from 125 countries under one roof in 2021, Growtech Expo Director Engin Er stated that the preparations for 2022 Growtech continue. For 4 days, events where the future of the agricultural sector, which is more important than the other, will be discussed in addition to trade, will be held at Growtech for exhibitors and visitors.


Making important statements regarding the Growtech Expo, Engin Er said, “Every year, we host both international and national agriculture professionals at the expo as exhibitors and visitors. We think that this interest will continue to increase this year as well. The contribution of the Growtech Expo to the global agriculture industry is enormous. The expo has become the meeting point of world agriculture with international exhibitors and visitors. Our companies can reach their target markets faster and more easily with Growtech. International buyers can develop their trade by finding all the products and solutions they are looking for at Growtech.”

Reminding that the countries that visited the expo the most last year were Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Er continued his words as follows: “In addition, 19 buyer companies from 7 countries participated in the Buyer Delegation Program organized by the Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association (WMEA) within the scope of Growtech. In addition to our exhibitors and visitors; world agriculture journalists showed great interest in Growtech. 23 agricultural journalists from 16 countries attended Growtech to follow the global agriculture sector and held special meetings. Netherlands, Spain and Hungary exhibited their newest products and technologies in private country pavilions. In 2022, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, Africa and Spain will be at Growtech 2022 with special country pavilions.”


Reminding that Growtech, the world's most important greenhouse agriculture industry expo, carried out an important social responsibility project before the expo with the 'Growtech on Campus' event organized in cooperation with Akdeniz University, Engin Er said that they guided university students in career planning with the event held on May 25.

Giving information about the event held at Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, Growtech Expo Director Engin Er said that they offer an important opportunity for businesses in the agricultural sector to meet the students of the Faculty of Agriculture and bring them into the sector.

Expressing that the agriculture sector needs educated and equipped human resources, Er said, “The Growtech Campus event provided an opportunity for students to benefit from different and professional perspectives, to have the chance to look at their careers from the outside, and to direct their lives professionally. This event was planned to enable students to learn job application processes, manage job interviews, get to know companies and make conscious choices in order to be evaluated in the agricultural sector, which needs qualified human resources, and it will become traditional from now on.”


Stating that Growtech is a common information sharing platform where the newest technologies in agriculture are introduced and the most current issues are brought to the agenda, along with the commercial opportunities it offers, Er said, “We have organized many events that our exhibitors and visitors will follow with interest and find very useful. Growtech will host the ACCI - Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards, Plant Breeding Project Market this year as well.” Emphasizing that the topics closely followed by the global agriculture sector will be discussed at the conferences, where national and international speakers will also take part, Er said, “Our exhibitors and visitors will be able to learn about the future of agriculture and make the right moves with Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Changes, Smart Agriculture Practices and many more. They will be able to learn and therefore get useful information to improve their business”.