Turkish Greenhouse Manufacturers & Constructors Expect a Growth of 70 percent in 2019

Turkey aims at raising its share to a level of 1 Billion Turkish Liras with the new investment, while having a current share of 10 Billion USD in the global greenhouse sector. Stating that they consider the year of 2019 as an opportunity for the sector, Halil Kozan, the Chairman of Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters announced that they were expecting a growth of 70 percent this year.

Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (SERKONDER) has announced the year 2019 as a year of opportunity for their sector.  Stating that totally 20.000 decares of new greenhouses were built in Turkey in 2018 including low tunnel, tunnel, plastics and glass; Chairman of SERKONDER Halil Kozan pointed out that the greenhouse construction and hardware is the fastest growing sector in Turkey and announced the estimated growth of 2019 as 70%. Kozan said: “While modern greenhouses were entirely built by foreign companies until 2000s in Turkey; currently we have the capacity to provide 100% turn-key delivery of the whole greenhouses, be they plastic or glass”.

“We aim at holding 50% of the Uzbek market” 

Stating that we are quite lucky in accessing the emerging markets, Chairman of SEKONDER said the following: “The biggest global exhibition of greenhouse, Growtech is held in Antalya, the capital of greenhouse cultivation. As SERKONDER, we are supporting Growtech that enabled us to meet with the new markets, thus we are participating the fair with a large representation. Last year we hosted a delegation from Uzbekistan, our most important target market at Growtech. Together with the fair, we have found the opportunity to plan site visits to the greenhouses built by domestic and national sources. Uzbekistan intends to build 10 thousand decares of modern greenhouses in 3 years and 50 thousand decares of greenhouses in 13 years. In our opinion, we will receive a large share from this market. Our goal is to hold 50% of Uzbek market. The Uzbek market trusts the Turkish companies. The projects developed by the Turkish greenhouse cultivators have outrun the production of Korean and Chinese producers; yet just a few clicks behind Europe. Briefly speaking, we have already outrun Korea and China and currently we are challenging Europe and closely following the Russian, Qatari and Iranian markets”.   

“Currently we are at a very good level in respect of production quality”

Adding to his remarks that 39 companies are currently membered to SERKONDER and that these companies are producing with domestic capital and technology, Kozan stated the following: “In respect of hardware and construction, 50 companies are operating the sector. While the share of the foreign capitalized companies was around 50% in the past, currently the number of the foreign companies operating in the domestic market corresponds to around 10%. Our domestic producers have come to a very good point in respect of production quality. The greenhouses built by local producers are no different than the greenhouses built in Europe. We have covered a long distance. Now all investors may trust the domestic greenhouse construction and hardware companies. We have members who sell hardware to the markets abroad. We have very successful companies in Turkey. There is no need for us to search for companies abroad”. 

World’s biggest greenhouse exhibition Growtech will be held in Antalya for the 19th time …

Turkey ranks the 1st place in Europe and the 7th in the world in respect of agricultural production. Exporting 1.536 different agricultural products into 186 countries, Turkey ranks the 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world in respect of greenhouse cultivation. The biggest greenhouse exhibition of the world, Growtech 19th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair will be held on 27-30 November at Antalya Expo Center, Turkey over an area of 50.000 sqm. The fair will be held under 5 categories as: ‘Greenhouse and Irrigation Technologies’, ‘Seed’, ‘Plant Nutrition and Protection, ‘Tractor and Agricultural Machinery’ and ‘Livestock’. This year, the fair will host 850+ internaional companies from 30 countries and 90.000+ international visitors from over 130 countries.

The goal is to break another record with the participation of +90.000 visitors from over 130 countries… 

Growtech Exhibition Director Engin Er stated the following: “Last year, we hosted 86.780 visitors from 120 countries and over 800 exhibitor companies from 30 countries at the Growtech which is the most important international brand in agricultural industry. We are an organization that renews itself every year, contributing more to what we have done with a view of ensuring a more effective fair experience for our visitors and exhibitors. One of the most important added value created by the Growtech fair for the agricultural sector is that it serves as an international platform. In a global economy where competition is gaining importance every single day, we have managed to bring visitors from 120 countries to Turkey and Antalya and thus we broke a major record. This year, we will be expanding the scope of our market and we are getting prepared to host visitors that will come from all the parts of the world. Last year, not only the domestic and national press members, but also representatives form international press paid a visit to Growtech.  The content of this year’s Growtech activities is more enriched. The Growtech 2019 program serving as a platform for the recent developments, innovations and practices in agricultural sector will not only host national speakers but also various international speakers. With the motto of “The Global Engagement of Agriculture and Technology”, we will carry on hosting the technologies standing with farmers and generating solutions to their needs and expectations”.  

Representatives of Hosted Buyers Program from 51 Countries will hold B2B meetings with Turkish Greenhouse Constructors…. 

Within the scope of the Growtech, B2B meetings will be held with buyers from 51 countries under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey and under the organization of the West Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAIB). By means of the 12th ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards Ceremony to be held in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antalya; we will continue to promote the private sector institutions and public agencies operating in agricultural sector as well as the innovative products and services creating sectoral awareness and added value to agricultural production. While actual topics on agriculture will be elaborated by the representatives of the sector during the Agricultural Talks, held for the 3rd time this year, the event will also host the 4th Plant Breeding Project Market to be organized in collaboration with Akdeniz University-Technology Transfer Office. In the course of the fair, panels will be organized with the participation of the representatives from Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB), Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers (SERKONDER), Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of the Union of Chambers of  Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB); Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters (GUID); and the representatives of the Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Directorate of Antalya; not to mention the contentful conference programs where national and international speakers discuss the global agenda on the sector.