Turkey’s Leap Forward in Seed Production and Exportation

Seed production has increased by 266 percent in the last decade and reached a level of 1 million 59 thousand 300 tons in 2018. The sector had a foreign trade surplus for the very first time ever in 2018 and the rate of exports meeting imports has increased by 16 percent and reached 108 percent. Savaş Akcan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKTOB (Turkey Seed Union) pointed out that their sector has created a 10 billion USD of trade volume for the national economy. 

In accordance with the data provided by Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB - founded in 2006) which serves as the only umbrella public organization of the seed sector with its 50 thousand members, the sector creates an annual added value of average 4 Billion USD for the national economy. We reach a trade volume of 10 billion USD, when the entire commercial functions and the participation of the indirect sectors are added to this figure.

“We have a 20 million Dollars of foreign trade surplus” 

While stating that the current global seed production value is estimated to be 50 Billion USD, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKTOB Savaş Akcan said: “With a seed production volume of 750 million USD, Turkey ranks the 11th position in the global market. Our goal is to reach a level of 1.5 million certified seeds and an export level of 250 million USD by 2023. Our sector had a trade surplus for the first time in the year 2018. Thus, we had a foreign trade surplus of 20 million USD. We are working to ensure that there will also be an upward trend in the year 2019.  In 2018, around 1 million and 60 thousand tons of certified seeds were produced in Turkey. Whereas the amount of the seeds used was 2 million 800 thousand tons. Our seed production meets 40 percent of our needs. When we raise the rate of using certified seeds over 70 percent, we will be achieving the real success. As the seed sector, we are ready to meet this demand.”

“We have included 171 domestic species of seeds into our gene bank” 

Stating that as TÜRKTOB, they have been representing a sector exerting intensive efforts to ensure the diversification of Turkey’s national and domestic species as well as the active use of our own seeds in the agricultural production; Chairman Akcan added that they have been carrying out a project named “In Search of Seed” with the purpose of the protection and collection of our genetic resources and putting these into the use of our sector, and that they managed to include 171 domestic species of seeds into our gene bank.   

“Particularly Seed and Greenhouse Cultivating Companies are building solid, strong, lasting business relationships at Growtech”

Delivering a statement with regard to the Growtech 19th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair to be held between 27-30 November in Antalya (Turkey), which is the biggest international fair in greenhouse industry in the world, TÜRKTOB Chairman Savaş Akcan  stated that the fair plays a crucial role primarily for seed growing as well as the Turkish agricultural sector and economy.”  Akcan said ‘’Growtech continues to be an indispensable meeting point of the seed growing sector in respect of both the number of visitors and their quality.  We, as TÜRKTOB, are carrying on our efforts to participate to the fair with our corporate booth and the events that we hold.’’ Stating that their sector is content with the business volume at the fair, Akcan said: ‘’Particularly the seed growers and green house cultivation companies are establishing substantial business contacts. The synergy which is created with buyers coming from various countries within the scope of Hosted Buyer Program, turns into commercial connections in a very short amount of time.” 

“Turkey sells seeds of 260 million USD to 80 countries“ 

Pointing out that seed growing is now a strategic industry with a current capacity of exporting 260 million USD of seeds to 80 countries, Engin Er, the Director of Growtech Fair said: “Our goal is to provide new market opportunities to the exhibitors and visitors this year, as in previous years; and accordingly to raise their export potentials. This year, we are getting prepared to host over 90.000 visitors from more than 130 countries and 850 exhibitors from over 30 countries.  We have the “Hosted Buyer Program” that involves bilateral negotiations with buyers from 51 countries under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey and West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAİB)”.  

“Over 90.000 visitors from more than 130 countries will meet in Antalya” 

Antalya has been hosting the biggest greenhouse and agriculture exhibition Growtech for 19 years while holding 42 percent of the greenhouse production land in Turkey. Exhibitor Brands will be categorized in 5 different main categories as: ‘Greenhouse and Irrigation Technologies’, ‘Seed, ‘Plant Nutrition and Protection’, ‘Tractor and Agricultural Machinery’ and ‘Livestock” at the fair to be held at Antalya Expo Center between 27-30 November on the exhibition area of 50.000 sqm.

“Authorities of international agriculture industry will discuss the global agenda of the sector at Growtech”  

Within the context of Antalya Growtech, the 12th ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards Ceremony will be organized in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. By means of the Agricultural Innovation Awards, the private sector institutions and public agencies operating in agricultural sector as well as the innovative products and services creating sectoral awareness and added value to agricultural production will be awarded. While today’s topics on agriculture will be elaborated by the representatives of the sector during the Agricultural Talks, held for the 3rd time this year, Growtech will also host the 4th Plant Breeding Projects Market to be organized in collaboration with Akdeniz University-Technology Transfer Office. In the scope of the international conference program of Growtech, panels will be organized with the participation of the representatives from Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB), Association of Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (SERKONDER), Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of the Union of Chambers of  Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB); Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters (GUID); and the representatives of the Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Directorate of Antalya. Additionally there will be a contentful conference program where national and international speakers discuss the global agenda on the sector during Growtech as well.