The Strategic Importance of Greenhouse Industry Increases

During the pandemics, agricultural production and greenhouse sector where the production is isolated from environmental factors in terms of sustainablity increased to a more strategic position. Remarking that the industry attracts more attention during this time, Halil Kozan, the Chairman of SERKONDER said: “We believe that if the normalisation process maintains positive course, our industry engaged in the production of greenhouse construction, hardware and equipment will attain positive outcomes in the mid and long-terms.”  

Being the top agricultural producer of Europe and the seventh largest agricultural producer at global level, Turkey ranks the second biggest country at Europe scale and the fourth at global scale in the greenhouse production sector with its 790.000 decares greenhouse stock. Turkey is among the top five producers of more than 30 crops and exports 1700 different agricultural products to 199 countries. Turkey`s success goes beyond its greenhouse assets and total agricultural production. While the Turkish Greenhouse Industry was previously based on importing of modern greenhouses and the relevant greenhouse equipments at high prices, today it nationally manufactures high quality greenhouse systems and equipments at affordable prices and in ample quantities.    


“We believe that we will witness further positive progresses in our industry in short-term.”


Stating that there has been a growing interest in the indoor farming during the pandemics period, the Chairman of  the Board of SERKONDER (Greenhouse Construction and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters Association) Halil Kozan says: “A modern greenhouse is a production facility built using today`s technology and based on the parameters suitable for environmental conditions which provides for controlled production in every aspect by isolating the crops from environmental factors. Raising crops under a controlled environment has become increasingly important during the pandemic conditions that we live and still living. We observe an increasing interest in greenhouse production. With the controlled agriculture gaining wider recognition, we believe that our industry engaged in the greenhouse construction and manufacturing of related materials and equipments will attain positive outcomes in mid to long term after the pandemics period.”


Countries aiming to establish their own greenhouse industries are new potential markets for Turkey. 


Estimating that most of the countries will revert to the idea of conducting agricultural production within their own territories, Kozan says: “While most of the countries that hold suitable lands for agricultural activities have the capacity to build and develop their own greenhouse sectors, those countries deprived of this capacity will look to Turkey more than ever. This means that new markets will be created for our industry. Our country attached utmost importance to the technological investments in greenhouse industry during the last 20 years and undertook effective role in creating new markets in a stronger manner through various projects undertaken by Turkish companies.”  

Chairman of SERKONDER Halil Kozan continued his words as follows: “SERKONDER supports the 20th Growtech International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair to be organized on 25-28 November in Antalya and firmly believes that this organization is very important for our sector. We have enjoyed the opportunity to establish cooperation with major buyers in the world market and to develop new connections and meet right potential customers all across the world during the Growtech event for many years. SERKONDER members, through their participation at the Growtech, strengthen their ties with the current markets and easily access to the new markets.”    


We have provided technical support to the abroad high-tech greenhouses during the pandemics period too.


Pointing out the technological advancements in modern greenhouse industry, Kozan said: `Our member companies that manufacture automated technological greenhouse facilities including remote control and monitoring options maintained the necessary emergency interventions and business partnerships to their overseas projects during this emergency period. Connecting remotely from their homes and offices to the greenhouse facilities in Russia, Uzbekistan or other parts of the world, they have continued to provide necessary technical support services. At a time when people could not even go out of their homes, they managed to intervene remotely in a greenhouse located in another continent and maintained the smooth flow of supply chain. We are more than proud of their performance.`


“Growtech is ready to introduce new market opportunities and cooperation potentials to the sector.”


Growtech Exhibition Director Engin Er says: “The importance and value of agricultural industry has gained wider recognition than ever under the current conditions. This year`s Growtech Agriculture Exhibition will be held on 25-28 November 2020 in Anfas Expo Center under five main categories;  “Greenhouse & Irrigation Technologies”, “Seed”, “Plant Nutrition and Plant Protection”, “Agricultural Machinery” and “Livestock”. Our main focus has been always the health, hygiene safety and happiness of our exhibitor and visitors. We closely followed the entire measures globally taken in this particular field in the course of the pandemics. As Informa, we have developed the Informa AllSecure health and hygiene safety standards that raised the bar high in hygienic, effective and qualified actions by cooperating with the partners including the UFI, AEO and SISO, sectorial stakeholders, exhibition venues, suppliers and other relevant authorities. Our standards that will be applied across the Growtech Agriculture Exhibition and activities are composed of a series of detailed and sophisticated measures including the topnotch health and hygiene standards to provide the participants and visitors with a sense of a safe environment. Three main categories of measures as `Cleaning and Hygiene`, `Physical Distancing` and `Detection and Protection` lie at the heart of our standards.”   


Mr. Er continued his words as follows: “Turkey holds a strategic importance both in agricultural production and in terms of meeting the requirements of the production process. Thanks to its advantageous geographical location, Turkey has the capacity to provide products and service to several countries just in a couple of hours. We have been organizing the Growtech Agriculture Exhibiton in Antalya for 20 years. The exhibition has played for many years a pivotal role in bringing together the industry and the international markets. This helps to raise the export capacity of the agricultural sector and our country. I believe that the mission that we undertake this year at Growtech is more valuable than ever. While several industries had to suspend their activities across the entire globe, our agricultural production was maintained by a selfless work, as a guarantee of food security.  In that vein, as Growtech, we are ready to bring the industry and the new market opportunities and cooperation to make sure that these selfless works reach their goals.” 

ANNEX: Informa AllSecure Safety Standards   


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