23-26 November 2022 | Anfaş Expo Center - Antalya / Turkey

Growtech Hosted Many Events

Growtech hosted events such as award ceremonies, conferences and panels that feature observations and solutions regarding the agenda of the sector by supporting agricultural innovation.

ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards

Organized by Growtech since 2008 and held in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), ATSO Growtech  Agricultural Innovation Awards were handed over to the winners under 5 categories determined by the selection committee.

At the end of the evaluation made by the selection committee, awards were given in 5 categories. Plantipell (UŞAK) in the Plant Nutrition and Protection category, Veritel A.Ş. (ANTALYA) in the Greenhouse and Irrigation Technologies category, Şahin Bekişoğlu Su Power Pumps Tarım İnşaat Gıda ve Turizm Danışmanlık LTD. ŞTİ. (ANKARA) in the Agricultural Machinery and Technologies category, Yuluğ Mühendislik İnşaat Peyzaj Tarım San. Fair Services. Trade Ltd. Şti (İZMİR) and Anamas Tarım Üretim Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi (ANTALYA) in the Seed and Seedling category were awarded. Also, Konya Selçuklu Mehmet Tuzla Pakpen Vocational and Technical  Anatolian High School was given a special award in the Agricultural Machinery and Technologies category.

Plant Breeding Project Market (BIPP)

Growtech also hosted the 5th Plant Breeding Project Market (BIPP) in collaboration with Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB), Akdeniz University Technology Transfer Office (Akdeniz TTO), and Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) under the main theme of “Are you ready to sow the seeds of the future?”. The winners of The Plant Breeding Project Market were also announced and got their awards during the show.

The first prize in the competition was given to Akdeniz University Associate Professor Songül Sever Mutlu with the 'Development of Drought Resistant Hybrid Zoysia Grass Varieties' Project. The second place was given to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Associate Professor Keziban Yazıcı with 'Developing Molecular Markers Associated with Important Traits in Pomegranate By Using the Bulk Segregant Analysis’ Project while İlyas Deligöz from Black Sea

Agricultural Research Institute was awarded the third prize with ‘Developing New Resistance Sources Against the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Races Breaking the Resistance of Tsw Gene in Peppers’ Project. Three special prizes were given in the competition. Dr. Ramazan Özalp from West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute was given TÜRKTOB Special Prize with the ‘Developing Pepper Lines Resistant Against Broad Mites’ Project. ATSO Special prize was given to Associate Professor Mehmet Fatih Cengiz with the ‘Non-Psychoactive Component Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabis Breeding Project’, and Associate Professor Keziban Yazıcı from Recep Tayyip Erdogan University received the special prize of Akdeniz TTO (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) with the ‘The Creation of a Gene Pool for the Tea Plant and Identification of the Candidate Commercial Tea Types’ Project. Yazıcı was thus glad to receive two prizes with her projects.

The Future of Agriculture Was Discussed at Growtech

The theme of the “Agricultural Talks” held for the fourth time this year was “Global Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture”.  The event was moderated by İrfan Donat, the Agriculture Editor of BloombegrHT TV Channel. SERKONDER (Greenhouse Construction and Equipment  Manufacturers and Exporters Association) Chairman Halil Kozan, BASUSAD (Pressured Irrigation Industrialists Association) Chairman Rahmi Çakarız, and Prof. Dr. Süleyman Soylu from the Agricultural Faculty of Selçuk University attended the event as speakers. In addition to Agriculture Talks, Growtech’s conference program also attracted a great attention. The panel on “Learn More About Seeds from its Experts” was organized at Growtech by the Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSÜAB). The panel was moderated by Buket Sakmanlı Apaydın, and the Board Chairman of Yüksel Seed Mehmet Yüksel, Prof. Dr. S. Ahmet Bağcı from Selçuk University and TSÜAB and ECOSA (ECO Seed Association) Chairman Yıldıray Gençer attended the panel as

speakers. “Pandemic, Climate Change, and the Importance of Seed” was discussed during the second event held by TSÜAB on the third day of the fair. Agriculture Columnist Ali Ekber Yıldırım and Yıldıray Gençer, TSÜAB and ECOSA (ECO Seed Association) Chairman, attended the event as speakers. Metin Güneş, the Chairman of the Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, Importers, and Exporters (GÜİD), met with the agricultural stakeholders at Growtech during the panel on “The Impact of the EU Green Deal on the Fertilizer Sector”. Also, Seda Özel, the Head of Agricultural Services Department at the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality delivered a presentation at Growtech conference on “We Are Working for a Planned, Regular, Principled and Sustainable Agriculture in Antalya”.

International and Turkish Agricultural and Economy Journalists Visited the Fair 

23 agricultural journalists from 16 countries visited Growtech in collaboration with the Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TAGYAD). International press participated in the two-day long intensive programs to fully understand the situation of the sector.    The journalists closely followed the meetings and presentations held on different agricultural topics like the agricultural mechanization, greenhouse cultivation, and exports. These journalists thus collected several information regarding the Turkish agricultural and food sector as well as the agricultural potential of Antalya. A roundtable meeting was also held by the Turkish Seed Union (TÜRKTOB) as part of Growtech. Delivering a speech at the event held with the participation of the press members of the Economy  Journalists Association, Savaş Akcan, the Deputy Chairman of TÜRKTOB said: “Seed is the next step within our search for finding alternative solutions to the climate crisis. Drought-resistant/tolerant new plant varieties are demanded. The impact of the changing food safety mindset on production begins from the field, garden, in other words from seeds."