24-27 November 2021 | Anfaş Expo Center - Antalya / Turkey

Anatolia’s Biofuel Crops To Be Promoted Among Manufacturers From 15 Countries

Ali Çandır, Chairman of Antalya Commodity Exchange: “Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. During this training program, we will be sharing information about producing energy from plants.”

Antalya Commodity Exchange, in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has launched trainings on “biofuel crops” for participants from 15 countries, including France, Australia, UK and US.

Ali Çandır, Chairman of Antalya Commodity Exchange, said Anatolia has a rich diversity of plants, some of which are used for energy production. Çandır said, “Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. During this training program, we will be sharing information about producing energy from plants. We believe the training will offer guidance to manufacturers.”

The trainings will be given by academicians on March 20-28, and cover a broad range of subjects, including cultivation of energy crops, biomass energy potential, and renewable investments in electricity market.

Gökhan Karaca, Director of Agriculture and Forestry in Antalya, said the participants will include farmers, entrepreneurs and engineers. “We have received 1,300 applications. We are highly motivated by the huge turnout in our trainings.”

Source: Anadolu Ajansı

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