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“Determinants Of The Technical Efficiency Of Olive Farms”

Olive growing is one of the most important bases in the Tunisian economy (+80 million olive trees on about 2 million hectares) facing socio-economic, natural and commercial challenges in relation to marketing and international positioning. Olive oil as a product is becoming more and more privileged and tends to be classified among luxury products. Such a place gives it an unbeatable economic, and commercial weight at least in the short and medium term, which is why any  investment in scientific, experimental, agricultural, economic, or other studies in this sector seems minimal when compared with the direct and indirect effects of this golden treasure on all levels. And given that Tunisian agriculture is characterized by the multiplication of small family farms with strong pressure on natural resources (Elloumi, 2006).

The result is that these farms are often characterized by a subsistence mode of production, less productive than the capitalist mode of production. (Ben Farah, 2018).

It is therefore important to analyze the level of performance and technical efficiency of these farms. Poor agricultural production and poor marketing strategies have affected the performance and sustainability of small irrigated farms. Thus, this article seeks to focus on the determinants of the technical efficiency of olive farms in Tataouine Governorate (one of the driest regions in the country). This would make it possible to identify the necessary development measures to improve the performance of these farms, especially in the olive sector, given its rather important socio-economic weight. Indeed, the analysis reveals that national investment in the technical support of olive growers and the power of a workforce available in terms of time, Space and number, and qualification automatically ensures an important and marketable quality and quantity of olive oil.

Also, shedding light on experienced olive growers trained in agricultural and medium-aged techniques helps to combine experience with a technical background and serves to increase the technical performance of olive farms.Moreover, olive growers who are agri_biseness-minded tend to be more technically efficient. As a result, the higher the olive oil marketing index, the higher the technical performance of the farm. There are few scientific articles exploiting the link between the marketing index, the effect of agribusiness spirit, and technical efficiency, On the other hand, such a combination helps to analyze the observable and unobservable aspects of the observation and reveals the factors determining a good technical and therefore the economic performance of the olive growing operations.

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