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A Young Female Entrepreneur From Şanlıurfa Created Employment Opportunities With The Greenhouse She Established


A 20-year-old female entrepreneur who realised her dreams near the Syrian border provided job opportunities to 15 people in the greenhouse she established. Female entrepreneur Ayşe Samar said “I realised my dream with this greenhouse while providing job opportunities to the women in the region.” TKDK Provincial Coordinator Dr Sadık Yetim said “While cotton and corn are harvested in this region generally, our farmer preferred to establish a greenhouse and blazed a trail for the region by establishing a large greenhouse here and by being an entrepreneur as a young woman”.

Ayşe Samar, a young female entrepreneur, built the greenhouse she had been dreaming of in Şanlıurfa with the support she received from the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK) and created employment opportunities for other women in the region.

Samar, 20, who lives in Akdiken Neighbourhood of Akçakale District near the Syrian border, researched to establish a greenhouse in order to contribute to the family budget and applied for the grant provided by TKDK. Samar, who designed her project with the help of TKDK officials, built her dream greenhouse on 6 acres of land which belongs to her family.

“My workers will also realise their dreams”

Samar says, “My biggest dream was to establish this greenhouse, so I applied to TKDK. Following the approval of my application, we built the greenhouse. I realised my dream with this greenhouse while providing job opportunities to the women in the region. My employees and I are very happy now. I hope we always make production like this”. She adds, “In our greenhouse, which ranges over 6 decares, we harvest 1,5 tons of products per week on average. We work with 15 workers. I have realised my dream, and I hope they will realise their dreams with us. They will work here and have income”.

Samar states that in the greenhouse, they produce hot Şanlıurfa pepper, which is highly demanded, and they sell the products by sending them to the marketplace. She added that they would harvest more than 50 tons of pepper this season.


“We are working on getting our young people to participate in production”

TKDK Provincial Coordinator Sadık Yetim says, “As TKDK, under the leadership of our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we are trying to do our best to ensure that our young people participate in production. Samar contacted us after we had announced our call for the grant on our website. We helped her with our experts in the field and enabled this greenhouse project to take place. We signed the contract in a short time, and they started to produce peppers. This is a project prepared to get much more products per unit area. Normally 4-5 tons of product are harvested per acre while Samar produces 20-25 tons in her greenhouse. While cotton and corn are harvested in this region generally, our farmer preferred to establish a greenhouse and blazed a trail for the region by establishing a large greenhouse here and by being an entrepreneur as a young woman”.


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